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Royal FloraHolland

Aalsmeer Flower Auction

When I visited Amsterdam last year, I knew nothing about Royal FloraHolland, and I had no idea what I was going to see. But I have seen it now, and you should see it too. Located in Aalsmeer, it’s known as the Aalsmeer Flower Auction. You might have no concept what is happening here. Read on, and I’ll give you an idea of what is there, and you’ll see why it’s a stimulating cultural experience.

Royal FloraHolland is the largest flower market in the world. It’s the size of 200 soccer pitches. But there’s nothing like being there to take in the immense size and number of people it takes to run this facility. Approximately 42 million flowers and 5 million plants pass through here every weekday. Flowers come here from more than ten countries and go out to all over the world.

The Royal FloraHolland is very close to Schiphol Airport. This nearness to transportation allows for a more streamlined process. It cuts down the time from arrival to sale to shipment to the purchaser and finally the consumer.


If you want to go to Royal FloraHolland, you’ll have to get up with the birds to get a full idea of this experience. The entire auction begins at 6:00 AM and is usually completed by between 7:30 am – 10:00.


There are two auction rooms, one of which is open to visitors. In this first room, two auctions going on at the same time. The second auction room doesn’t permit visitors. That’s understandable with so much going on in there; it has seven auction clocks running at the same time.
Inside of Auction Room at Aalsmeer Royal FloraHolland



Your tour of Aalsmeer Flower Auction will begin when each guest receives a headset. That headset is to protect your hearing, as well as hear the tour guide comments. The floor of the warehouse where trucks and carts are moving around isn’t safe for guests. Instead, you will walk on a walkway above the floor below. Trucks pulling carts are everywhere, picking up purchased lots. Everything arrives where it should, thanks to the signaling system. The organization is amazing to watch.

Guests can self-guide around the facility, but I enjoyed having a tour guide to answer questions. Have I raised your curiosity and are trying to imagine this warehouse.

From the video you can see, this is not a walk in the garden. You will not be able to see flowers up close and personal. But what you will see is the incredible logistics of daily moving 42 million flowers around the world.

Travel in the Netherlands is one of my specialties. Would you like to have a real Dutch experience? This tour will be a unique experience from any other you would have while visiting Amsterdam. Yes, it is an early start to the day to see Royal FloraHolland. But take heart, there’s still a full day ahead for more exploration and fun. It would be my pleasure to assist you creating your special trip.



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