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Have you have ever seen a movie and been completely absorbed in the plot? Does knowing that it’s an actual real story make an impact on you? What if you could step right into that movie and find yourself transported to that time and place? The Airborne Museum Hartenstein is the place for you. This museum is one of the best examples of history coming to life and engaging the visitor. It does it well!
The Airborne Museum is the museum about the Battle of Arnhem. “This battle took place in September 1944 in the area between Ede and Arnhem and was part of the allied Operation Market Garden. British, American and Polish airborne troops had to occupy the bridges over the rivers from the border with Belgium all the way to Arnhem. The Battle of Arnhem in 1944 is the most famous part of Operation Market Garden. The aim was to occupy the road bridge in order to then quickly advance to Berlin. But the battle ended in a dramatic defeat.”
Prepare yourself for visiting this museum and the surrounding area, by watching the blockbuster movie “A Bridge Too Far”.  Sometimes Hollywood completely misses telling the true story of an event.   But, this is not one of those movies.  War is hell, and A Bridge Too Far does a excellent job of conveying the hellish experience these boys went through.  I highly recommend placing it on your list of things to do to prepare you for your trip.

The Airborne Experience

The Airborne Experience places you in the shoes of the paratroopers. You are there during the briefing and ride in the plane as it travels through The Netherlands to the drop point. Moving on, you are in the midst of the fighting where you find yourself in Arnhem as the battle continues. You can ‘experience the battle as if you were actually in it.’
The plaque below was placed at the museum in 1994, fifty years after the battle of Arnhem.
Oosterbeek Memorial Plateau Airborne Museum Hartenstein

Oosterbeek Memorial Plateau at Airborne Museum Hartenstein


What bridge was too far?

The John Frost Bridge is The Bridge Too Far. In 1944 it was the Rhine Bridge. The Rhine Bridge was the farthest bridge on the Rhine. If the Allies could cross this bridge they could forward into Germany and reach Berlin.


Why was the bridge renamed?

During the Battle of Arnhem, it was a small group of paratroopers that succeeded in reaching the Northern side of the Rhine bridge. That is where these soldiers under the command of John Frost dug in and withstood many German counterattacks while they waited for the men of the 1st Airborne Division to arrive.


Expand your experience

 See the John Frost Bridge from the “Airborne At the Bridge”  in Arnhem.  Go here first and buy your ticket to the Airborne Museum Hartenstein at a discount.
Visit the Arnhem Oosterbeek War Cemetery where British and Polish troops are buried, many who are ‘known only to God’.
Are you ready to begin planning your trip to The Netherlands.  This is my specialty and I would be happy to assist you.  Click here to begin the planning process. 

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