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“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”
– Henry Miller



jan scheyer, luxury travel advisor, next to a lion along the sacred way in Beijing

Your Luxury Travel Advisor Jan Scheyer

Have you ever read a book and felt like you were experiencing that moment in time when the book was written? Have you ever gone to the theater and become so engrossed that you felt like you were part of the story. Delving into the actual places where an event happened brings history, literature and culture alive.  That’s what I love to do through travel. My clients come to me because I encourage them to make their daydreams a reality and then I handle all the details to make it happen.


Hello, I’m Jan Scheyer, and my passion is to bring history and literature to life through travel. I have always enjoyed reading books about certain periods of time such as World War I and World II. My passion was ignited when I traveled to London over 20 years ago at the beginning of my travel career. I loved walking the streets of this historical city, hearing the stories, visiting the museums, and taking in the theater on a daily basis. That was the beginning of a love affair I have with experiencing those destinations where world changing events occurred.


Then, as my business grew, I realized that I could merge my passion for history and literature with travel. My focus now is to serve those who appreciate history and culture, and want to have it come to life for them on their vacations. That’s what brings me the most joy, and how I can be of the highest service to you.


Do you daydream about visiting those places that you have enjoyed through books and plays, movies and TV shows?


Do you daydream of where you could go and what you could see and do? My desire and love is to encourage you, and to help you to make those daydreams come to life.





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